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Empowering Aboriginal Creatives: Biocultural Expression through the Arts | NODE-TOAD IPFS Media®™

TRIBAdelSOL Biocultural Reserve System Belize Centra America

18 January 2023


In 2018 a symbiotic partnership between Washington DC-based 501c3 GeoCompass.Center | GeCCO-RANGERCOMM and TRIBAdelSOL Biocultural Reserve System NGO (Belize), initiated the Targeted Online Awareness Dissemination (TOAD) project. Fast forward to early 2023, a significant milestone was achieved as the TOAD project evolved into the NODE-TOAD InterPlanetaryFileSystem (IPFS) media imprint, a digital content generator, encompassing roles as a world music record label, digital event promoter, publisher, and more...powered by blockchain and web3 technology

Art holds a profound significance among the IKI.XI Yaku Tan-I people, acting as a traditional means of exchanging knowledge and craftsmanship with neighboring communities. Imagination, invocation, iconography, and craftsmanship are pivotal elements that greatly influence our biocultural heritage and livelihoods. In all its diverse forms, art plays a central role in preserving and disseminating traditional wisdom, reaffirming the importance of the indigenous worldview in the context of modern society.

The "OMOKIBA (Earth Mama)" motif is a contemporary ethnographic composition, skillfully crafted by Dr. Oxaku Tehu Kax'Oxo II, known as Dr. Xak, an esteemed elder of the IKI.XI Yaku-Tan-I Tribal Council. Dr. Xak is not only an artisan but also an Abofuturist, breathing life into his visual artworks. His inspiration often springs from dream-time communications and sacred medicine rituals, infusing his creations with profound meaning and cultural richness.

Mendoza Argentina "OMOKIBA Motif"
Mendoza Argentina "OMOKIBA Motif" featured at the Inter-American Development Bank's '"Sidewalk of the Americas" exhibit

The OMOKIBA motif earned a substantial grant award and was selected for the 2018 IADB Art Collection's "Sidewalk of the Americas" exhibitions worldwide. This motif finds its roots in a sacred IKI.XI invocation of the same name.


Listen to the OMOKIBA (Earth Mama) invocation courtesy of TRIBAdelSOL®™Abofuturist LoFI Meditations ...

Dr. Xak conveyed his perspective, stating, "Among the IKI.XI people, Art and storytelling hold a unique place as healing mediums. Like many indigenous communities, we revere Art as a conduit for sacred knowledge, effectively employing symbols to convey our aesthetics and cultural experiences. Indigenous artisans are the custodians of their respective cultural traditions and heritage. Within the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I community, we are often regarded as 'medicine people' initiated into the realms of visions, dreams, and rituals."

The OMOKIBA motif was inspired by a sacred IKI.XI invocation of the same name.


Dr. Xak went on to express, "We will leverage the award to enhance our presentation of IKI.XI Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understandings to a global audience. The support from the IADB will significantly empower our efforts in scaling up the Targeted Online Awareness Dissemination (TOAD) project, which aims to disseminate the unique ways we commune, cultivate, conserve, and build a sustainable future in harmony with our ever-evolving planetary ecosystems."

The fusion of technological advancements with artistic expressions has propelled the TOAD initiative to new heights. Through this innovative approach, indigenous communities can not only safeguard their biocultural heritage but also share it with a wider audience, fostering understanding and appreciation. Moving forward, embracing and supporting such initiatives becomes imperative in promoting sustainability, knowledge exchange, and the preservation of our collective human heritage.

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