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Aboriginal Creatives are leveraging aesthetics & cultural experience toward socio-economic success.

Aesthetics & Cultural Experience (ACE).

TRIBZ.ECO-Systems Campus 18 January 2019

In 1999 a partnership between Washington DC-based 501c3 GeoCompass.Center Operations Group, Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize ECO-Systems NGO, and the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I TRIBA del SOL Community Conservation Cooperative launched the Free Radio Optimystix Group (FROG) project. Twenty years later in 2018 we marked a significant milestone as we scaled up the FROG project into the TRIBZECOFROG.MEDIA imprint.

TRIBZECOFROG.MEDIA, is now a digital content generator, record label, event promoter, publishing press, etc., that produces and distributes multimedia that articulates indigenous peoples' wisdom, ways of living, and worldviews. .

09 September 2018 Mendoza Argentina IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I art featured at the Inter-American Development Bank's '"Sidewalk of the Americas" exhibit

Art is always a stimulus among traditional indigenous communities, commonly identified as a standard way of exchanging knowledge & craftsmanship with neighboring communities. Iconography, music, and craft significantly influenced our biocultural heritage and livelihoods. Arts of all mediums play an essential role in protecting, preserving, and promoting biocultural heritage and reinforcing the value of indigenous ways and knowledge to modern sustainable development and ecosystem management.

The "OMOKIBA (Earth Mama)" motif is a contemporary ethnographic composition created by Dr..Tehu, an IKI.XI Yaku-Tan-I Elder, Artisan, and founding member of the SOL Nok-I KI.XI YAKU TAN-I Storytellers Archive. Dr. Tehu realizes most of his visual artworks following dream-time communications and sacred medicine rituals. The featured composition was awarded a grant and selected for the 2018 IADB Art Collection's "Sidewalk of the Americas" exhibitions worldwide.

The OMOKIBA motif was inspired by a sacred IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I invocation of the same name. .Listen to the sacred OMOKIBA (Earth Mama) invocation performed by Dr. Nika Tsato Kax'Oxo for the SOL Nok-I KI.XI YAKU TAN-I Storytellers Archive. #Listen2theSUNRays

When asked for comment, Dr. Tehu responded, "The IKI.XI Yaku Tan-I people see Art and storytelling as healing mediums. Like most aboriginal communities, we honor Art as a transmission of sacred knowledge through the effective use of symbols to convey our aesthetics and cultural experiences.. Indigenous artisans qualify as authorities of their respective cultural traditions and antiquities. The IKI.XI Yaku Tan-I community, regard us as "medicine people" who are initiated into the world of visions, dreams and rituals;"

He continued to express, "We will utilize our award to level-up the way we share IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I Aesthetics and Culture with a global audience. We are also thankful to be gifted with creative means to convey the great teachings of our ancestors. The IADBs support will significantly influence how we scale up future efforts to disseminate the unique ways we commune, cultivate, conserve & construct a sustainable future in harmony with our ever-evolving planetary ecosystems".

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