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The Symbiotic Relationship Between World Scouting and Conservation: GeoCOMPASS eXplorers®

Updated: Oct 2


Washington DC, 8 January 2023

World Scouting
World Scouting

World Scouting

World Scouting has a rich history interwoven with conservation efforts, embodying the principles of stewardship and environmental responsibility. This paper explores the historical relationship between World Scouting and conservation, focusing on the critical role of scouting organizations in nurturing a conservation ethos. It underscores the importance of preserving this legacy and discusses its relevance to diversity and inclusion in environmental conservation, emphasizing the seamless integration of scouts, including Eagle Scouts and Venturers, into GeCCO-RANGERCOMM services. Historical figures like Sir Robert Baden-Powell and John Muir are key actors in this narrative, illuminating the continuum of this symbiotic relationship.


World Scouting, founded by Sir Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, has continually fostered a close relationship with conservation. Baden-Powell's vision emphasized instilling environmental stewardship and appreciation for nature in young scouts. This paper elucidates the intertwined history of World Scouting and conservation, highlighting its relevance to diversity and inclusion in contemporary environmental conservation efforts.

Historical Relationship: Pioneering Stewardship

  • Sir Robert Baden-Powell: Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, recognized the need to cultivate a profound connection between youth and nature. He believed in teaching scouts to be conscientious stewards of the environment and sought to inculcate conservation values at the heart of scouting.

  • John Muir: John Muir, a naturalist and environmentalist, collaborated with Baden-Powell, emphasizing the importance of outdoor education and environmental awareness. Muir's influence and guidance were instrumental in shaping the ethos of environmental stewardship within scouting.

The Relevance of the Scouting-Conservation Relationship Today

World Scouting continues to emphasize environmental conservation, with scouting organizations incorporating badges and activities centered around conservation and sustainability. This relationship is immensely relevant today, fostering an understanding of the pressing environmental issues and the need for collective action.

Diversity and Inclusion: Integrating Scouts into GeCCO-RANGERCOMM

  • The Inclusivity of Scouting: World Scouting has strived for inclusivity by actively involving scouts from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This diversity enriches the collective knowledge and approaches towards conservation, highlighting the significance of inclusivity in modern environmental conservation efforts.

  • Eagle Scouts and Venturers: Eagle Scouts and Venturers, as advanced scouts, possess critical skills and dedication, making them valuable assets in GeCCO-RANGERCOMM. Their seamless integration into the chain of command brings a wealth of experience and expertise, fortifying the conservation initiatives.



The historical relationship between World Scouting and conservation is a testament to the commitment of scouting organizations towards environmental stewardship. Preserving this legacy is crucial for future generations to continue embracing the values of conservation. Furthermore, the integration of scouts, including Eagle Scouts and Venturers, into GeCCO-RANGERCOMM underscores the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping a sustainable future.

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